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Twitter / DetroitTigersPR: Per @EliasSports, the Tigers …

The Royals series was fun to watch.
from Facebook http://ift.tt/1iQ8ghK

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Precious Bodily Fluids

Precious Bodily Fluids

Art Robinson is trying to unseat Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR). He would appreciate your support in his race. Oh, and he wants your pee.

Mailers from Robinson’s Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine — 500,000 of them — have been appearing this week in Oregon mailboxes.

“My name is Art Robinson. I am a scientist who has lived and worked in Josephine County for 34 years. My colleagues and I are developing improved methods for the measurement of human health. Please consider giving us a sample of your urine,” the mailer states.

Reached today, Robinson said his mailer is for real.

“This is no joke. This is a research field I’ve been involved in my whole adult life.”

Umm, OK.

He says his research is related to genetics and aging, and he hopes to get 15,000 vials of pee. He was the GOP nominee in Oregon’s fourth district in 2010 and 2012, and lost to DeFazio both times.

In Portland at least, I don’t anticipate 2014 being a GOP wave year.

Hat tip to The Political Carnival.

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#Nerdprom in 15 minutes!

Coverage of the White House Correspondents Dinner is streaming live here!

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May Snow


It reminds me of when I lived in upstate New York…

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Somebody was Jealous

Sarah didn't get invited.

This was from last year, but I’m sensing a LOT of bitter…


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Just in case you need to keep up on this…

Has the whale exploded yet?

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Alaskan Bounce House is a great band name…

This is one of the odder cases I’ve seen from the police blotter, courtesy of  The Anchorage Daily News:

On the For Fun Alaska website, a photo and description of the bounce house are accompanied by large red text: “STOLEN! REWARD!”

Nearly two years ago, someone rented out the Big Big Bouncer and never gave it back. The theft still mystifies the Appels, whose small, family-run business has rented out inflatable games for hundreds of parties, birthdays and community events.

Bounce House FunCan a picture of a bounce house fit on the side of a milk carton?


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